Becoming the Most Pro-Business State in America

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, a businessman by profession, is positioning Kentucky to be the most business-friendly state in the U.S.

Already, he has enacted Right to Work, improved the workforce training system, cut red tape and instituted other pro-business moves.

And he’s just getting started.

With even more positive changes coming, this is the best time ever for you to Think Kentucky.

Among the changes:

  • Kentucky is now a Right to Work state
  • The Prevailing Wage requirement has been eliminated
  • Hundreds of administrative regulations have been cut
  • More than $200 million is being invested into more and better workforce training facilities
  • Workforce Training programs are being revolutionized to cater to businesses’ needs.
  • An apprentice program has been developed statewide
  • Students are being incented to enter high-demand professions
  • Work-study programs in manufacturing are being expanded
  • Transitioning military members are being actively recruited to Kentucky to work
  • Charter Schools are being instituted to ensure a better education
  • Coming soon: Pension Reform and Tax Reform

This had led to record investment in Kentucky and  record interest in locating or expanding here.



Kentucky’s business climate is changing. The Commonwealth already offers companies an ideal location, low business costs and incredible workforce. Now, we bring Right to Work to the table. For companies considering a new or expanded location, that makes a good decision even better. With even more pro-business changes coming, you’ll want to Think Kentucky.

Red Tape Reduction Initiative

Goal: eliminate 1/3 of all regulations in 3 years

  • 4,700+ administrative regulations
  • 2,200+ reviewed
  • 529 repealed or amended
  • 758 targeted for repeal or amendments
  • 58% of those reviewed needed repeal or amending



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Kentucky Work Ready Skills Initiative

Kentucky is in the midst of a workforce development revolution. Through the Work Ready Skills Initiative, the Commonwealth is currently creating new and innovative practices for educating and training what will become the most skilled workforce in the country.

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in the Bluegrass

Kentucky makes thousands of products including automobiles, food, beverages, paper products, metals, aerospace parts, plastics, spirits, chemicals, appliances, and other products.

Kentucky has announced more than 1250 manufacturing projects in the last five years
Kentucky ranks 8th in the U.S. in manufacturing GDP
There are 4,500 manufacturing facilities in Kentucky
Nearly 250,000 Kentuckians are employed in manufactring
Kentucky exports of manufactured goods has jumped 48.6% in the past 5 years
More than 75% of new investment announced in the last five years has come from manufacturing projects
$17.7 Billion
Nearly $17.7 billion in new manufacturing investment has been announced in the past 5 years
Some 40,000 new manufacturing jobs have been announced in the past 5 years

Economic growth announced/reported so far during the Bevin Administration:

(Manufacturing, service or technology related, through October 2017 unless otherwise noted)

new/expanded facilities
in new investment
new jobs
$49.3 Billion
in exports
(through August 2017)

Did You Know?

Kentucky Ranks:
  • #1 in U.S. in vehicle production per capita
  • #2 in U.S. in employment in motor vehicle manufacturing
  • #2 in U.S. in aerospace-related exports
  • #3 in U.S. in air cargo shipments
  • #4 in U.S. in vehicle production overall
  • #4 in U.S. in employment for upstream metal manufacturing
  • #6 in U.S. in top manufacturing states by percentage of workforce
  • #8 in U.S. among top business climate in the U.S.


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