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Kentucky Commission on Small Business Advocacy

Is a regulation, law or mandate affecting your small business? As a small-business owner, you need a voice in state government. The Kentucky Commission on Small Business Advocacy (CSBA) is that voice.

The main job of the CSBA is simple: To make the Commonwealth of Kentucky even more friendly to small businesses through education, cooperation and advocacy. The CSBA provides information on proposed state legislation, regulations and recently enacted state law that impact small business. The Commission looks at issues such as licensing/permitting requirements, taxes, and other areas of government that affect small business.

Additional information on CSBA duties can be found on the About CSBA Web page.

The CSBA is an independent state commission that is administratively attached to the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development. The Commission works closely with the Cabinet’s Office of Entrepreneurship to address issues and respond to the needs of small businesses in the state. The CSBC is overseen by a board of business owners appointed by the Governor.

If you have questions or comments about the impact of government regulations on small business, please email CSBA@ky.gov or call 800-626-2250.

In addition to contacting the CSBA, you may want to follow up with the appropriate Small Business Ombudsman listed below. Each cabinet-level agency in state government designates a small business ombudsman to serve as a contact point for small business regulatory issues. They will personally assist you and answer your questions and concerns.

Cabinet Small Business Ombudsmen

Cabinet Contact Email Address
Economic Development Marilyn LeBourveau Marilyn.LeBourveau@ky.gov
Education and Workforce Development Randy K. Justice RandyK.Justice@ky.gov
Energy and Environment Wendy Higgins Wendy.Higgins@ky.gov
Finance & Administration Brad Nilsson Brad.Nilsson@ky.gov
Health and Family Services David Boswell David.Boswell@ky.gov
Justice & Public Safety Elisha Mahoney Elisha.Mahoney@ky.gov
Labor Chuck Stribling Chuck.Stribling@ky.gov
Personnel Tanya Lawrence Tanya.Lawrence@ky.gov
Public Protection Heather Combs Heather.Combs@ky.gov
Tourism, Arts and Heritage Matt Sawyers Matt.Sawyers@ky.gov
Transportation Kim Jenkins Kimberly.Jenkins@ky.gov

Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development   Old Capitol Annex  300 West Broadway   Frankfort, KY 40601
502-564-7140 (local)   800-626-2930 (toll free)