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2018 Annual Report
Promises Made, Promises Kept
Year Three
"The American Dream is real, and it comes as a result of the opportunities good government creates."

Strengthening Kentucky's Financial Foundation

"We have planted seeds that will bear a robust economic harvest and will result in widespread growth across Kentucky for many years to come."

  • Worked with the General Assembly to pass a fiscally responsible budget that includes fulfilling 100 percent of our pension obligation to Kentucky's public employees.
  • For the second straight biennium, kept the promise to Kentuckians that 100 percent of lottery funds will go directly to education.
  • Developed SHIFT, a data-driven method for prioritizing transportation dollars, that removes politics from the process and ensures that funds go to projects that improve safety and economic development. Read More
  • Implemented the Bridging Kentucky initiative to restore 1,000 bridges statewide as part of the promise to revitalize the Commonwealth's critical infrastructure. Read More

Growing Kentucky's Economy

"When given the opportunity, the ability of Kentuckians to accelerate our state's economic engine is greater than any government program. A good job empowers our fellow citizens to provide for their families and contribute to their communities."
New Jobs Announced
$21+ Billion
New Investment Announced
New/Expanded Facilities
$111 billion
In New Exports
(Through June 2019)

regulations have been repealed
regulations have been amended
of all regulations have been repealed or amended

Record Low Unemployment and Record High Workforce Participation

Gov. Bevin's pro-business policies are growing Kentucky's economy. With record low unemployment and record high workforce participation, more Kentuckians are working than ever before.

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Kentucky Outhustling the Competition

The Commonwealth is outhustling other states, as we reform government and recruit the kinds of jobs Kentucky needs to pay its bills.

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Opportunity Zones

Kentucky received certification for 144 federally-designated Opportunity Zones across 84 Kentucky counties to spur economic development in low-income urban and rural communities.

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New Opportunities

From East to West, businesses continued to grow in 2018 as Kentucky becomes the center of engineering and manufacturing excellence in America.

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Kentucky's Global Impact

In addition to Gov. Bevin's 2018 trips to promote Kentucky in China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and Great Britain, the state saw record foreign direct investment and reached over $86.6 billion in exports (as of October 2018).

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Right to Work

The Supreme Court upheld Kentucky's historic Right to Work law, which has contributed to a 65 percent increase in business leads coming into the Cabinet for Economic Development.

Creating a Healthier Kentucky

"We've got to be serious about the opioid epidemic. We have got to be smarter. We must be more creative. It is up to all of us to work together and find real, long-lasting solutions. Every life is worth saving. There is not a person we would not want to see redeemed and removed from the opioid epidemic."

Combatting the Opioid Epidemic

  • $32 million General Fund allocation to combat the opioid epidemic statewide.
  • $15 million in new funding from Tobacco Settlement funds to fight the opioid epidemic and substance abuse.
  • $50 million federally funded Kentucky Opioid Response Effort (KORE) grant to expand access to prevention, treatment, and recovery services and supports in Kentucky's highest-risk geographic regions.
  • Received a State Opioid Response (SOR) grant that will bring $33 million to Kentucky for each of the next two years to address the opioid crisis.
  • Targeted policies and public advocacy efforts led to a three-quarter decrease in non-fatal opioid overdoses presenting to emergency departments.
  • Decline in prescription and non-fentanyl related deaths.
  • Launched, which connects individuals with substance use disorder treatment services in real time.
  • Expanded 'Don't Let Them Die' awareness campaign to combat the opioid epidemic.

Kentucky HEALTH

Kentucky became the first state in the nation to receive approval on its historic 1115 Medicaid waiver, which will improve health outcomes for Kentuckians, promote community engagement, and strengthen Medicaid's long-term fiscal sustainability.

Funding for the Office for the Blind and the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

For the first time in decades, the Office for the Blind (OFB) and the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) received full funding, which drew an additional $9 million federal match. Both offices were reorganized to better serve and eliminate employment barriers for Kentuckians with disabilities.

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Angel Initiative

The Kentucky State Police launched the Angel Initiative to encourage individuals suffering from a substance use disorder to visit a local KSP post for assistance with treatment.

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Protecting and Strengthening Our Communities

"Transforming our justice systems, supporting policies that safely reduce our jail and prison populations, putting ex-offenders back to work, creating safer communities — doing what is right for the people we represent — is not a political statement."

Adoption and Foster Care

House Bill 1, passed during the 2018 session, modernizes Kentucky's foster care and adoption system by establishing a putative father registry, giving foster parents a larger role in the foster care process, and improving efforts to recruit and retain social workers.

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Uniting Kentucky

First Lady Glenna Bevin's Uniting Kentucky initiative brings together the faith community, local government, and nonprofit organizations to empower Kentucky families to support foster care and adoption.

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Pro Life Protections

The gruesome practice of live dismemberment abortions is now illegal in Kentucky, and Gov. Bevin has unapologetically fought to uphold the law in court.

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Restoration of Civil Rights

Gov. Bevin continues to grant pardons and restorations of civil rights to Kentuckians who deserve a second chance.

Criminal Justice Reform

Gov. Bevin joined President Donald J. Trump, elected officials, and criminal justice reform advocates at the White House in December 2018, for the signing of the historic First Step Act. Kentucky has become a national leader in this effort through initiatives like the 'Justice to Journeyman' apprenticeship program and the 'Fair Chance' state government hiring initiative.

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Imploding Bureaucracy

Gov. Bevin is strengthening our communities by eliminating bureaucracy that stifles progress and growth. This year, the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville was reopened ahead of schedule and under budget, and the Capital Plaza redevelopment project was launched in downtown Frankfort.

Investing in Education and Workforce

"Kentucky is committed to training workers for 21st century jobs and opportunities. Our economy is booming, and our skilled workforce is the fuel that will keep it burning strong."

Education Funding

Gov. Bevin's budget made historic investment in K-12 funding, including a record per-pupil allocation for the SEEK formula and 100% funding of the teachers' retirement system (KTRS).

Workers' Compensation Reform

Gov. Bevin worked with the General Assembly to pass workers' compensation legislation to provide greater certainty for businesses without harming those who receive benefits.

Work Ready Skills Initiative

Kentucky's 2017 investment of $100 million in the Work Ready Skills Initiative brought another $121.2 million in local, matching funds for workforce training programs and infrastructure. To date, approximately 40 projects have been completed or are in the process of completion.

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Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship

Nearly $16 million dedicated to scholarships for industry certifications and associates degrees to fund student tuition for over 350 programs in the state's high-demand workforce sectors.

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Kentucky Trained. Kentucky Built.

The Bevin administration has raised the profile of registered apprenticeships. Kentucky now boasts more than 3,600 registered apprentices and more than 250 programs.

Dual Credit Scholarship Program

Since 2016, the Commonwealth's $15 million Dual Credit Scholarship program has boosted dual credit enrollment by an astounding 158%. Thus far, nearly 75,000 Kentucky high school students have utilized the scholarship to earn postsecondary credit hours.

Work Matters Task Force Report

Gov. Bevin released the Work Matters Task Force Report, which identifies tangible actions to address barriers to employment and promote workforce inclusion among individuals with disabilities, foster children, disabled veterans, individuals with criminal records, and individuals suffering from a substance use disorder.

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Serving Those Who Serve Us

"Law enforcement officers bring life to their communities; they are the heroes among us. There is no greater sacrifice than that of a person willing to lay down their life for another, and it is our job to protect those who protect us."

Line of Duty Death Benefits

Worked with the General Assembly to increase line of duty death benefits for spouses of police and other hazardous duty personnel.

Making Kentucky the Most Veteran-Friendly State in America

Ranked #3 in the country by Wallet Hub for the most job opportunities offered to veterans and #14 for the Best States for Military Retirees.

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Gov. Bevin ensured that 100% of Kentucky Law Enforcement Foundation Program Fund (KLEFPF) training incentive funds go to the Commonwealth's first responders, as intended by law.

KSP Upgrades

Gov. Bevin secured funding for KSP that would enable them to receive vital upgrades to dangerous and outdated vehicles and weapons.

Highlights of the
Bevin Administration: Year Three