Small business growth is so vital to Kentucky’s economic future that the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development has placed a special focus on the needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Soon, we will be announcing a major new initiative to assist entrepreneurs and investors, in a way never before seen in Kentucky.

We will still be committed to helping you turn your business dream into your dream business. All of our services are geared to connect small businesses with resources such as:

Access To Capital

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Business Mentoring

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Expanding Markets

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Business Advocacy

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Investors also can receive assistance through tax credits and other incentives and through networking with entrepreneurs. The Office of Entrepreneurship also oversees the Kentucky Innovation Network, 12 offices located throughout the Commonwealth that provide one-on-one assistance to entrepreneurs, small businesses and investors at no cost.

The Network assists entrepreneurs through the ABC’s of starting a growing a business: Assessment, Business Development and Capitalization. Learn more about the services here.

For the location of the office nearest you, plus contact information, click here.