• Looking for sky high potential?
    Think Aerospace in Kentucky.

  • Kentucky's Aerospace industry employs more than 17,000 people
  • Aerospace products are Kentucky's top export
  • Kentucky Aerospace exports up 183% in the last 5 years
  • Kentucky-made MICROSATELLITES are orbiting the earth




Other Information


Kentucky’s expertise, workforce and personalized service are major factors in our ability to maintain and grow a prominent position in the aerospace industry. Our new Right-To-Work status is another bonus. In addition, our business costs can help a company’s profits skyrocket.

Global companies have discovered the value of locating in Kentucky. Currently, some 500 Kentucky manufacturing, service and technology-related businesses are internationally owned, representing 34 countries. Those include many aerospace-related companies such as Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems, Raytheon, Safran Landing Systems and others.

Kentucky's overall manufacturing GDP has freatly outpaced the national average over the past 8 years. A recent nationwide state-bystate comparison by Ball State University gives Kentucky an “A” ranking for both manufactring and logistics industry health.

A powerful comparison

Kentucky’s power costs also play a significant role in corporate growth. Our industrial electricity rates are the lowest in the eastern U.S. and among the lowest in the country.

Industrial Electricity Average Price

Industries Supporting Aerospace in Kentucky

Industries supporting aerospace in Kentucky

Making Materials that Fly

Kentucky offers abundant resources for aerospace manufacturers. Our aluminum reserves are among the greatest in the region, and the 180+ aluminum-related facilities in Kentucky stand ready to make products of all types. Several aluminum producers recently announced plans to build new or expanded facilities in Kentucky. Among those are:

Braidy Industries (new)
$1.3 billion | 550 jobs
Nucor Gallatin Steel (expanding)
$176 million | 75 jobs
Tri-Arrows Amuminum (expanding) $125 million | 60 jobs

In addition, Kentucky offers a variety of other primary metal manufacturers as well as hundreds of plastics, rubber and composites makers; ensuring an adequete supply of materials needed to keep the areospace industry sky high.